Home security systems are a necessity for many Utah residents – understandably so – because they provide peace-of-mind and protection for your property and your family.

The one issue that customers address most frequently is whether they have to sign a contract or enter into a long-term commitment with a monitoring service. While everyone appreciates the value that a home security system provides, expensive monitoring contracts are a valid sticking point for many people.

Fortunately, you have options. You are not obligated to use a monitoring service. And, if your system is designed, programmed and configured correctly, you can provide an even more comprehensive level of security yourself, without a monitoring company.

What Do Home Security Monitoring Agreements Provide?

Although the specifics depend on your equipment and your needs, monitoring companies typically receive a signal from one of your alarm system’s sensors. For example, if a door or window contact is breached or a motion alarm activated while your system is armed, the system will alert a monitoring station.

Depending on the monitoring service’s policies, they may try to reach you first to determine whether you need them to dispatch law enforcement. Most monitors keep a list of three contact numbers per customer and they’ll try all three until they get a response. If they are unable to confirm with the customer, they dispatch the police.

If you have a smoke detector tied into your home security system, the monitoring service will also receive an alarm if this device is activated. Unlike other types of sensors, however, monitoring companies generally place a call to emergency services immediately if a smoke detector registers a potential problem.

Where Monitoring Services Fail Home Security System Customers

As you might imagine, a professional burglar could easily locate and remove every valuable in your home by the time the monitoring company tracks you down – or doesn’t. Few monitoring companies have kept pace with home security technology either, which limits their abilities to use all the features and functions of a state-of-the-art system.

And, for those reasons, monitoring contracts are quickly becoming a relic of a less-technical past.

Home Security Systems Can Be More Effective Without Monitoring

Granted, you (or family members, housemates, friends, etc.) will have to take on the role that a monitoring service would typically play but your home security system can easily be as effective as it would be with an expensive monitoring contract.

In fact, it can substantially more effective and provide much more function and flexibility than a traditional system ever could.

All sensors, monitors, electronic locks and surveillance cameras can be programmed to contact you and/or your designees wherever you are, in whatever manner you prefer. Most customers choose mobile notifications for their smartphone, tablet, Apple watch, etc. You can set up redundant systems, where you and others receive notifications at the same time, even across multiple devices.

For certain events – a fire, for example – your system can alert emergency services directly and even trigger a fire sprinkler system, if you have one. A carbon monoxide sensor could automatically open windows and alert the authorities.

With few exceptions, you can configure a state-of-the-art home security system to do anything you need it to, to ensure your safety, comfort and peace of mind.

In Draper, Utah, AVI Systems works closely with our customers throughout northern Utah, designing, installing and programming high-tech home security systems that meet their needs without any need for a monitoring contract. Contact us today to learn more.