Adding lighting control to a home or business automation system adds an element of security as well as a unique means of improving aesthetics. Smart lighting is also a highly effective way of improving energy efficiency and lowering your utility bills.

You can be as creative or as utilitarian as you prefer but, when you incorporate these functions into your smart automation or security system, controlling your lighting is as simple as issuing a voice command, tapping a touchscreen or using your electronic devices.

Benefits of Lighting Control Systems

Lighting controls improve comfort and convenience in any residential or commercial environment. As part of a business or home security system, you can better protect your property from would-be criminals and improve safety for yourself, your family and your visitors.

Rather than hunt around for wall switches or dimmers and individual lamp controls, you can operate all lighting from a centralized control center, typically a handheld video touchscreen, smartphone or tablet. If you use a voice assistant, you can simply issue your commands vocally.

One of the most significant benefits of automated lighting is the energy and cost savings. When you leave for work – or on vacation – you won’t have to worry about whether you left too many lights on (or not enough). You can even program your system to shut off the lights in a room when sensors detect no motion for a specified time and turn them on again when someone enters.

What Can Smart Lighting Contribute to Your Automation System?

In the home, lighting controls can be programmed to create “scenes” based on your activities. For example, for watching movies or TV, you can program the room to dim some lights and turns others off completely. You can program your home’s lighting to turn on specific lights to predetermined levels when a motion sensor detects you entering the front door or coming in from the garage.

If you have a family member who can’t hear the doorbell, you can program lights to flash to alert them when someone rings. You can set up a scene that brightly illuminates your bedroom when the alarm goes off, to help you wake up more effectively. You can literally program your lighting to do almost anything, including flash a light when you get a new Instagram follower or get a comment on a Facebook post.

In a corporate setting, you can create an inviting atmosphere for employees as well as clients and guests. Imagine walking into the office first thing in the morning and not having to search for light switches. Picture walking a prospective client into a conference or boardroom and having the lights automatically and gradually come on.  Imagine indoor or outdoor security lighting that can detect motion in a restricted area and notify authorities or security personnel.

If it involves illumination of any type, you can achieve it with smart lighting. You’re limited only by your imagination.

Adding Lighting Controls to Your Business or Home Automation System

Whether you have an existing smart home system or you’re planning to have one installed, adding smart lights is simple and straightforward – as long as you work with a home automation expert.

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