If you haven’t had one installed recently, you may have no idea about the cost of adding a smart home automation or security system at your Utah home.

Like most types of technology, home automation system equipment has become surprisingly affordable while becoming more effective and easier to use. In fact, the home improvement experts at home advisors estimate the average smart home system cost to be between $389 and $1,707. But, because there are so many different types of smart home system components and installation methods, we don’t have a simple, one-size-fits-all way to determine the price for installing a new home automation system without a personalized consultation.

What we can do, however, is look at what goes into pricing a professionally installed smart home system.

What Smart Home System Features Do You Want to Include?

Today’s technology makes it possible for you to automate everything from your kitchen appliances to your window shades. Some of the most popular smart home components include lighting and HVAC system controls, window and door locks, lawn watering systems, and home entertainment systems.

Beyond these basic systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) makes it possible to control attic fans, pool and spa equipment, showers and faucets, pet doors and more.

The more systems and components you want to add to your smart home system, the more equipment and installation labor will be required. And, as a result, the more the system will cost. In many cases, you can set your system up to automate the basics and add other components later.

What Type of Home Automation Equipment Do You Prefer?

As this technology becomes ever more popular, the number of manufacturers producing smart home system components continues to grow exponentially. And, like any other consumer product category, some brands are known for quality and durability while others have yet to earn a good reputation for reliability and ease of use.

Home automation contractors typically offer a variety of options, based on your objectives and your budget. The general rule of thumb is to select the very best equipment that your budget will allow. This helps ensure that your system will work reliably for years to come. And, because virtually all major brands include a manufacturer’s warranty on their equipment, you’ll be protected if something does go wrong.

What Type of Installation Is Right for You?

When it comes to installing home automation components, you typically have the choice between hardwired components and wireless components. Both types have their own pros and cons but, with a few exceptions, hardwired and wireless systems offer virtually all the same benefits.

Because of the complexity of installation, you can expect to pay more for a hardwired system. For most homeowners, wireless systems present a cost-effective option for automation and security systems. However, your home automation contractor can explain the advantages of each installation approach and advise you of the price difference.

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