As modern technology continues to grow and be implemented into society in remarkable ways, there’s a definite subset of people who believe that technology makes everything more complicated. Some yearn for a time when things were “simpler,” with fewer bells and whistles and more manual operations for a variety of areas.

At AVI Systems, however, we’re here to provide numerous home technology benefits that actually make your life far simpler than it would have been generations ago. Our home automation and smart home systems solve problems large and small for you, making daily life more convenient and also improving vital areas like home security, temperature control and others. What are some simple examples of basic scenarios where our systems provide solutions to issues you would have had no answer for even a generation ago? Let’s take a look.

Forgot to Set the Temperature

Let’s say you’ve just left the house for work, and neither you nor anyone else who lives there will be returning for at least eight hours. But suddenly, you realize you forgot to turn the thermostat back down after you were cold when you woke up – no one wants to have their heating system running on high all day long, accruing additional energy costs you’ll pay at the end of the month. Guess you just have to head back home and turn it down, right?

Maybe a few decades ago, sure, but not today. Smart home systems make it as easy as the press of a button to alter your thermostat settings from anywhere. Many of our systems take this a step further, changing the temperature automatically every time you leave the home to conserve energy. Whether you forgot to change the number before heading to work or left it on a particular setting for a week-long vacation, our system ensures there’s no concern.

Did I Lock the Door?

Down similar lines, what if you’re halfway to an appointment during a busy day before realizing you may not have locked the door? Don’t fret. Your smart home system allows you to check your locks from your smartphone and close them if they were left open.

Are the Kids Safe?

Perhaps you’re getting home later than you thought from work, or maybe the babysitter has to leave earlier than planned one night. In the past, you’d have real concerns about whether your kids were safe – but today, you can simply switch on our advanced security and surveillance systems and feel completely confident your family is protected no matter what.

For more on the numerous ways automated home systems improve both basic convenience and daily simplicity, or to learn about any of our smart home systems, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.