Even as recently as a couple decades ago, the vast majority of home security systems were relatively simple and limited. They contained alarms that were hard-wired into a given home, plus installation fees, monthly monitoring costs and other detractors that limited their overall efficiency and value.

At AVI Systems, we’re here to tell you about the numerous ways in which this technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over recent years. Our home security systems are made using the latest and best in modern technology, assisting you with not only protection from burglars and thieves, but also with fire protection, convenience and several other areas. Here are some basics on the numerous home security amenities that are available to you on the market today, plus some basic questions to ask yourself about your security and surveillance needs if you’re considering installing a new system in your home.

Home Security – More than an Alarm

With the advent of smart home technology, security and convenience can be combined in numerous ways. You get so much more than just a traditional alarm when you consider such a system today. Other features may include, but are not limited to:

  • Smart locks: Smart door locks allow for homeowners and family members to lock and unlock the doors remotely using any touchpad or connected device. On top of this, these devices can even send you an alert when anyone accesses the home with their own code – you can know whether your kids have just arrived home from school, for instance.
  • Smart doorbell: Complete with a camera feature that allows you a clear view of the door area, this technology allows you to not only see who is on your property, but even communicate with them.
  • Security cameras: A virtually limitless array of modern camera technology allows you to monitor both the inside and outside of your home to whatever level you desire.
  • Smart bulbs or plugs: Allow you to turn on various lights or appliances in advance of walking in. These items are also valuable for home security – you can turn them on to make it look like someone is home.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Some basic questions to ask yourself and your family if you’re preparing to install a new security system in your home:

  • Do you require professional monitoring? This comes with a fee, but also brings you automatic emergency services and other benefits.
  • Do you have pets? If so, ensure any motion sensors have a pet mode or are placed in a way that won’t be disturbed by your pets.
  • Which services do you need? There are numerous options available, from intrusion, smoke and fire damage to areas like carbon monoxide monitoring, security cameras and many others.
  • Where are sensors or cameras required? If you choose to install these items, know that a single motion detector or camera can often cover an entire room. Place yours appropriately based on this knowledge.

For more on the numerous modern options available to you when it comes to a home security system, or to learn about any of our other home automation options, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.