For those with a passion for audio within their daily lives, a top choice within the home is a high-fidelity audio system. Known for high-quality sound with virtually no noise or distortion, these systems – known as hi-fi systems for short – are on the cutting edge of home audio technology.

At AVI Systems, we’re proud to offer hi-fi audio from numerous leading brands, from Musical Fidelity to McIntosh and many others. The McIntosh component audio system, for instance, uses two speakers or a multi-channel system with up to 12 speakers, plus a control center, amplifiers and speakers for optimal sound. If you’re considering installing such a system in your home, here are some basics on the value they provide plus some of the vital components we’ll source and install for you. 

Advantages of a Hi-Fi System

Hi-fi audio systems are beneficial for a number of reasons, from the quality of sound provided to the comprehensive component coverage included. Another major plus, especially when compared to other high-quality audio systems: Hi-fi systems are customizable to an incredible degree, depending on your needs for sound in various rooms and in differing noise conditions.

Each unit you include in your system has one specific task it’s meant to perform, meaning it can devote 100% of its energy to doing so. This is what helps reduce noise or distortion to bring you the best possible sound at all times.

Our subsequent sections will look into the primary components we’ll source for you when installing a McIntosh or another type of component audio system.

Audio Sources

For starters, we’ll spend time discussing the sources of your audio ahead of time. Are you bringing in musical files from a hard drive, or do you mostly utilize streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music? If so, we’ll recommend a network player that can properly combine your tracks from each of these sources.

What about those who have an old vinyl record collection? No problem – we can help you connect a record player as part of the system. The same goes for CDs or any audio format you can think of.

Amplifier Choice

From here, it’s time to consider the amplifier, which is in charge of powering your music and controlling volume. Depending on your needs, we may recommend a power amp, a pre-amp, an integrated amp or some other solution.


Finally, you have to select your speaker units to provide the actual sound itself. We’ll give you advice on the size of speakers you should consider based on room size and positioning needs, ensuring you don’t choose options that are too small or too large.

System Cables

In addition to your actual units, we’ll arrange all your cable and wire connections simply and easily. We handle everything from basic power cables to interconnects and speaker cables, which we’ll measure to the precise length you need them so you won’t have cables hanging around or getting in your way.

For more on the components involved in a hi-fi home audio system, or to learn about any of our home automation or smart home technology, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.