At AVI Systems, we’re proud to partner with Control4 for numerous areas of smart home technology. Control4 is an industry leader in home automation and smart home systems, with intelligent technology that not only makes life simpler and more convenient, but even detects issues and gives you notifications from anywhere.

As one of the top brands available for these kinds of services, you naturally have a number of options when it comes to the precise system you set up and how you choose to use it. For those who have not experienced a Control4 system in the past, here are some general tips on best use themes to make the most out of your system.  

Convenient Control Device

Control4 systems merge the controls for all home technology systems, from shades and lighting to thermostats, entertainment and even security areas. Instead of managing all those systems separately, you have them all at your fingertips with a universal control interface.

However, you have a few options when it comes to the format of this interface. You can choose a remote, a keypad, a tabletop tablet, an in-wall touchscreen or even your smartphone or laptop. You can also choose multiple options to have available. All you have to do is think about your daily processes and which format(s) will be most convenient for you.

Trip Security and Peace of Mind

Control4 systems also help keep you informed of the goings on in your home while you’re away, whether on a business trip or family vacation. Live home security camera footage is easy to link in, and you have the ability to perform tasks like locking doors or arming your security system from anywhere using your smartphone.

In addition, the Control4 system will send you automated push notifications if you wish. These notifications can be for any unusual activity, including water or gas leaks taking place in the home.

Multi-Room Audio Customization

For the music enthusiasts out there, the Control4 system is a great outlet. It allows you to connect the controls for any speakers or audio devices in the home into the central system, then customize the entire audio setup to your liking. Many people are simply amazed by the audio grouping features found here, even when combining entirely separate previous systems.

Lighting Options

Another great feature with Control4 systems is the ability to customize your own personalized lighting scenes. You can do this for a single room, multiple rooms or even the whole house, then save templates you can access with a single button tap. This means you can have pre-set lighting themes already prepared for any event or occasion – and these settings are extremely detailed, with customized brightness levels and other cutting-edge technology involved.

If you have any questions about utilizing your Control4 home automation system, or to learn about any of our home theaters, 4k video options or other smart home technology, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.