At AVI Systems, some of our products and services we’re most proud of exist in the security and surveillance realm. Our home automation services are wide-ranging, including surveillance systems, security solutions and numerous additional areas to help keep you and your family safe and protected throughout the year.

Today’s modern technology means you have a huge array of choices at your disposal when considering which elements to include in your home security or surveillance systems. Let’s go over a few important questions to ask yourself as you’re making these choices, questions that will help you arrive at the perfect system and not pay for features you don’t need.

Which Services Do You Need?

The simplest question here is also the first you should be asking yourself: Which features and security services do you need? Modern security options include a variety of areas here – most begin with standard alarm systems and similar areas, but you also have the option of choosing several others.

For instance, most homes will utilize smoke and fire detection as part of their system; after all, burglars and criminals aren’t the only potential threats to your home. Others desire carbon monoxide detectors, plus perhaps water or flood detection areas. Finally, for homes that want a high level of surveillance, cameras and other such tools are available to you as well.

Do You Desire Additional Features?

Smart home technology allows you to blend security and convenience in several ways. Here are some of the best examples of the additional features that many choose to include in their system:

  • Smart bulbs or plugs: Allowing lights and electronics to turn on automatically – you can make it appear as if someone is home if needed, or walk into a house that isn’t dark and threatening.
  • Smart doorbell: Complete with a camera, this lets you see who is at the door and speak to them.
  • Smart locks: Allowing you to lock and unlock doors remotely, plus providing you with alerts.
  • Smart garage opener: Lets you open and close doors remotely.

Where are Sensors Required?

If you want motion-activated detectors, lights or cameras in a given area, think about where sensors should be placed. Most such systems only require a single sensor for a full room, so you won’t need to install them on every door or window necessarily.

Do You Have Pets?

Finally, another consideration for those involving motion sensors in their system is pets in the home. If you have them, you’ll need to purchase items with a pet mode; another option is to place them in a way that won’t detect pet movement, which our pros can help you with if needed.

For more on questions to ask yourself when installing a home security system, or to learn about any of our smart home technology, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.