It’s December, which means there’s a good chance you’re on the hunt for some holiday gifts for those closest to you. There are numerous options available, including several “smart” holiday gifts that will help improve quality of life and comfort for many individuals.

At AVI Systems, we offer a wide range of such services and products, from home automation to hi-fi audio, home theaters and numerous other smart home systems available at your convenience. What are some of our top sellers when it comes to holiday gifts that are perfect for a particular person in your life this time of year? Here are a few of the most common such areas to consider.

Whole-Home Sound

The holiday season is a festive and musical one for many people, no matter which of the numerous religious holidays you do or don’t celebrate. So as you enter this season, why not consider upgrades to your home’s audio that allow you to fully maximize this time of year?

Particularly for people who host holiday social gatherings or other events in their home, smart speakers and whole-home audio options are a perfect seasonal upgrade. Such items can connect wirelessly throughout your entire home, allowing you to play music or other audio in a variety of areas. We also offer voice control options that allow for unlimited control of the system from anywhere. You can even go the extra mile and pair a home theater with life-like surround sound, adding items like subwoofers and others to really enhance the entire space’s audio.

Lighting Up the Season

Another big part of the holidays for many people is light, and we’re here to help you keep things bright and happy throughout the winter. Our home automation services allow you unlimited control over lighting, plus offer major energy savings through their state-of-the-art technology. Instead of reaching for switches, older family members present for the holidays can simply turn lights on and off with the sound of their voice. In addition, you can pre-program lighting settings and other features for social gatherings, dinner parties or any other event.

Home Control

Finally, our home automation services also offer unlimited home control to anyone you’re considering gifting them to. Automated shade control, for instance, allows college students home for the holidays to sleep in to the heart’s content while also controlling sunlight and blocking harmful UV rays. We also offer a huge range of touch-screen options and other control formats, with user-friendly interfaces that work seamlessly to keep you in the loop and with your finger on the button, so to speak.

For more on smart holiday gifts to consider for those close to you, or to learn about any of our home automation or smart home services, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.