For many areas of home automation or smart home systems, a vital area to consider during installation is your home’s internet connection. Several pieces of smart home technology utilize basic internet connections to communicate with one another and perform their basic functions, so ensuring you have enough bandwidth to support this is an important factor.

At AVI Systems, we’ll be happy to explain the basic internet speed requirements for any of our smart home systems, from surveillance systems to hi-fi audio and many in between. In today’s blog, we’ll go over some of the broad basics to keep in mind here, from the standard internet connections required to how to efficiently utilize your internet bandwidth.

General Speed Requirements

In many cases, the internet speed required to power our home automation systems will not be that significant. For areas like thermostats and HVAC systems, lighting controls and several others, the only true connection need is to access the network and receive commands from the control panel or your smartphone – this doesn’t require a huge amount of bandwidth at all, as there’s no continuous data transfer, and a standard internet connection is almost always sufficient.

However, this changes the moment you get into forms of technology that require continuous data transferred, the most common of which is video. If you have any kind of camera in your home, whether a doorbell camera or a full-on surveillance camera on the property, this will require higher bandwidth to upload and continuously capture video files. If you have multiple such cameras in use at the same time, you need even more bandwidth.

Total Devices

Whether or not you utilize high-bandwidth devices like cameras, it’s also important to take stock of your entire home and the items that utilize the internet – not only the smart home system. Consider how many computers and smartphones are regularly in use, plus any other items that utilize the internet connection.

A basic rule of thumb here: Add roughly 5 Mpbs of internet connection to your plan for every 10 devices that utilize the internet. If you are installing cameras, dedicate another 5 Mbps just for them.

Utilizing Connection Efficiently

In many cases, you will have the ability to limit the amount of bandwidth a given device uses through manual adjustment. Cameras, for instance, can be set to lower resolution for certain periods of time. Other devices will often come with settings for how often or continuously they access your network, and you can generally customize these settings to stay below your bandwidth limits without compromising convenience or security in any way.

For more on ensuring you have the proper internet connection for new smart home features, or to learn about any of our home automation technology, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.