There are numerous convenience benefits that come with smart home systems, and one that’s at or near the top of the list for many homeowners is the ability to check on and maintain your home even when you aren’t there. From home security and surveillance to automation areas ranging from lighting and shade to temperature and many other areas, smart home systems allow you to have unprecedented levels of control using just a smartphone or other connected device.

At AVI Systems, we’re proud to offer a wide range of such systems, including detailed home automation solutions to fit your every need. One particular group that might require a few unique devices: Those who own pets like cats or dogs and want to include them in their connectivity areas. Let’s go over some of the most popular formats utilized by pet owners here for everything from checking on the animal while away to ensuring they’re comfortable in the home.

Various Sensors

In the year 2020, smart sensors are available within smart homes for virtually any purpose you can think of. One of the most popular sensor types for pets is the door sensor, for which several great products are on the market – you can know whether your pup is inside or outside at all times, plus some homeowners even place sensors around their fence or property marker so they’ll know if their pet is trying to leave the area altogether.

Thermostat Control

One thing many homeowners may not have realized about their pets: Common household pets like cats and dogs are comfortable in a much wider range of temperatures than we are. They do not necessarily need to be in the same narrow mid-60s to low-70s range humans prefer.

For this reason, those with smart thermostats or other automated temperature control solutions installed can save big sums of money by altering the temperature when only pets are home. You can drop it all the way to 60 or even below during winter, and during summer you can let it get up to 80 in most cases. Then, when you return home or are preparing to, change it back to your preferred temperature.


For those especially concerned about pet safety or whereabouts, cameras meant for surveillance also fill this purpose well. They track innocent behaviors like where your furry friend has made a mess while you’re gone, but are also there for serious situations like if someone breaks in or if your pet hurts itself inside the home.

Smart Collars

Finally, there are a wide variety of smart collar products out there, many of which can be linked with other smart home systems easily. These will help keep adventurous pets on your property if you don’t want them venturing too far away, and they also contain GPS trackers that help you find the animal if it does escape. Furthermore, many modern smart collars even have the ability to track pet activity and health factors as they’re worn.

For more on the kinds of technology that are best for pets within a smart home system, or to learn about any of our other home automation, hi-fi audio or other services speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.