In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the preliminary basics of extending your smart home system to outdoor areas of the property. Modern home automation technology allows for several such extensions, making your entire area more convenient and energy efficient.

At AVI Systems, we’re proud to offer a wide range of smart home and home automation services, including several outdoor options like outdoor speakers and more. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll dig into a few additional components and themes to consider when extending your smart home to exterior areas, including a few for home security that are very  important for many homeowners.

Outdoor TVs

We talked about extending your Wi-Fi access to ensure it’s present for those spending time on the property outdoors, such as on the patio or by the pool, and the next logical step here is to install equipment that utilizes these connections. There are several outdoor TV options available meant to completely withstand the elements found outdoors, including rain, snow, dust, insects and extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum.

In addition, these products are designed to reduce glare, improve brightness and bring a picture that shines even when the sun is out. They’re made for sale, permanent installation, plus can infuse in with other home automation technology in most cases.

Lighting Themes

Both for daytime and nighttime, there are several automated outdoor lighting options you have at your disposal. There are a variety of entertainment lighting options out there for those who regularly host social events or just want to light things up, including those that are accessible through basic smartphone access.

There are also several lighting features that benefit non-entertainment areas of the smart home. Motion-activated lights are great for security, for one, and there are also solar-powered options that reduce your energy costs while allowing you full control from your phone or smart home hub.

Security Features

Speaking of security, there are numerous home automation areas to consider down these lines. Basic outdoor lights are one, but those concerned with home security should also consider surveillance systems and video monitoring that keep you protected around the clock.

Our security systems allow access from anywhere, whether or not you’re actually home at a given time. They protect not only from intruders, but also from heavy weather, accidental fires or other events you may not have control over, allowing you to be made aware of the incident even if you’re not home and contact the proper authorities for help.

For more on how to extend your smart home themes to the outdoors, or to learn about any of our home automation services, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.