At AVI Systems, it’s our pride to offer comprehensive home automation and smart home services to a range of clients. Our smart home system planning process begins with a consultation with one of our automation experts, who will go over your every need and desire plus factors like your budget and others to help you choose products, services, setup and more.

In some cases, handy homeowners may be looking to DIY this process and handle many areas on their own. While we work with such individuals in some ways, and we certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from doing what they want, there’s also a point at which smart home installations or repairs should be left to home automation professionals. This two-part blog series will go over some of the issues with attempting smart home installs on your own, plus why working with a professional home automation team is the way to go for several reasons.

Cost Factors

First and foremost, there’s cost to consider. Some might assume they’re saving money by going about the home automation process on their own rather than hiring professionals; they might be right in rare cases, but more often than not they’re dead wrong.

This is because there are numerous potential cost increase pitfalls you might hit if you don’t know what you’re doing here. A single mistake with an install or the wrong purchase could cost you hundreds or even thousands in wasted costs, as could improper maintenance or related themes. While you pay a slightly higher up-front premium for home automation pros like ours, this saves you huge potential sums down the line through all the issues you’ll avoid.

Time and Convenience

Down similar lines, only prioritizing your time rather than your wallet, home automation professionals offer convenience benefits that are no small deal to many homeowners. The same smart home setup that would take you days or even weeks to complete on your own? That will take our pros half a day in many cases, or even less.

On top of this, what happens if any problems arise during your self-install? Do you know how to proceed, and are you prepared to spend hours on the phone with manufacturer maintenance teams? If not, simply hire our pros and never think about concerns like this again.

Safety Factors

In addition to potential problems with the actual installation, you put yourself at several safety risks if you attempt smart home installations you aren’t qualified for. Many such installations require electrical wiring, climbing up on a ladder or several other potentially dangerous elements – not only might you injure yourself, you could be setting up components that are unsafe for others in the home moving forward.

For more on why it pays to hire home automation professionals for your install, or to learn about any of our smart lighting, security or other smart home themes, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.