Smart home systems showcase numerous benefits to their owners throughout the year, and the holiday season is no exception. Everyone can use a little bit more convenience during the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holidays, and several home automation features may play a role here.

At AVI Systems, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of smart home systems and components, from home security systems to home theaters, home audio and numerous other areas. Even in cases where you installed many of our smart home features without the holidays in mind whatsoever, you might be surprised just how useful some of these are this time of year – to the point where some homeowners actually do install them primarily for their holiday-season benefits. Here’s a primer on some of the top features a smart home offers during the holidays.

Smart Doorbell

The holidays are typically the busiest season of the year for deliveries, and this has been exacerbated by a unique 2020 that’s led to an increase in online shopping. Many vendors have been warning for weeks that there could be delivery delays this holiday season compared to the usual expectations.

And while a smart home can’t necessarily make your FedEx driver go faster, it absolutely helps limit certain delay types. Specifically, what if there’s a package that arrives while you aren’t home or are busy (or perhaps are sick and don’t want to come to the door)? A smart doorbell system connected to your smartphone makes it easy for you to communicate directly with the delivery driver, giving them directions for what to do with the package. Automated home systems even allow you to unlock the door temporarily so the driver can place the package safely inside, ensuring you deal with no theft concerns if you’re not home during a delivery window.

Temperature Controls

The holiday season also coincides with one of the coldest parts of the year, and a smart home system is valuable here as well. Automated heating and cooling systems allow for intuitive temperature control, allowing you to adjust by voice if needed – or for the system to adjust automatically based on the temperature readouts it gets throughout the home.

Entertaining Guests

Finally, for those entertaining guests this holiday season (safely, we hope!), what if there’s an occasion where they arrive before you’re ready or home? Not only does a smart home system allow you to let them in, it also allows you to easily control in-home entertainment options to keep your guests occupied while they wait. Instead of them standing around awkwardly waiting for you, you can give them ambiance and comfort through your smart home system to kick off the holiday party.

For more on how a smart home system plays a role this holiday season, or to learn about any of our home automation services, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.