For homes that have them installed, home automation and smart home features carry numerous benefits. From basic convenience to cost savings and many other areas, there are many ways you see a positive impact from home automation – and another that some don’t even think about is the positive effect on certain health areas.

At AVI Systems, we’re happy to offer a wide range of home automation services, ranging from basic lighting and temperature controls to home security, surveillance and numerous additional themes. Looking specifically at our lighting capabilities, did you realize that light has a particular impact on human health in several ways? Here are some basics on how this works and how automated home lighting may present legitimate health benefits to homeowners.

Circadian Rhythm

All human beings have an internal clock that regulates several areas of health and daily life, and this is known as the circadian rhythm. Many people have heard of the circadian rhythm, but most only think about it from a sleep perspective – and while sleep is definitely a major area here, this realm actually also involves several other biological processes that allow our body to naturally adapt and operate to the 24-hour cycle, including sleep.

When the body’s circadian rhythm is interrupted, however, issues may take place. These include health concerns that arise from the body being thrown out-of-whack.

Light and Circadian Rhythm

There are several variables that may impact your body’s circadian rhythm, and one of the most important is light. For instance, bright lights viewed within the two hours before bedtime will shift the body’s perception of when it should go to sleep, causing circadian rhythm to be pushed back. On the flip side, bright morning light will shift sleep time earlier, causing people to get sleepy and fall asleep earlier while waking up earlier in the morning.

For those with sleep issues or any others involving their circadian rhythm, then, automated lighting may hold several related benefits.

Home Automation and Lighting

Through our home automation system, you will have complete control over the light fixtures and light quality of your home. You can program the system to gradually dim lights as the sun is setting, for instance. You might consider utilizing color-changing bulbs that emit various colors – colored lighting can be both a mood-booster and a sleep aid for some people.

Dimmer, softer lights reduce stress and anxiety, so these are often placed in sleep areas; crisp, bright lights improve productivity, and as such are often found in home offices or similar areas. You can also include automated elements like shading, blackout curtains or others to alter your light and sleep experience.

For more on circadian rhythm and how home automation helps in this area, or to learn about any of our smart home or home surveillance services, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.