While there are a few reasons why myths or misconceptions about various topics arise over the years, one of the most common is simple popularity. As a given area becomes more common or popular, this unfortunately leads to more conversation surrounding it, including from less experienced folks, and this often trickles down to misinformation spreading – and the world of home automation is no exception.

At AVI Systems, not only are we proud to offer the very best smart home systems, from whole home audio to lighting themes, home security and many others, but also assistance with the proper information and resources surrounding all our products and services. We’ve debunked a number of common smart home myths for our clients as they look to learn more about our products, and we’re happy to set you straight as well. This multi-part blog series will get right to the task of straightening out several of the most common misconceptions out there regarding home automation and smart home solutions.

It’s Too Expensive

The single most common myth we hear regarding home automation is the idea that you have to be a millionaire with huge amounts of excess money just to get in. This simply isn’t true at all in today’s modern times, with numerous starter items in the home automation world available for under $100 as you begin to build your system.

This theme of building from the ground up makes home automation attainable for anyone at any budget. You begin with simple areas like your home hub that will be compatible with your devices, then build up to needs, wants and even some extras you’ll only go for if you have extra room in your budget. Over a period of weeks, months or even years, you can add to the system in cost-effective ways, tying everything back into your central hub.

There’s No Privacy

We understand where this myth comes from: There have been a few publicized security leaks in the technology realm over recent years, and folks are naturally concerned about their data and privacy. However, major developments have been made in the home automation space here – all our devices use high-level data encryption and similar themes that make your system completely secure at all times. As long as you work with pros like our team who have expertise in these areas, your system will never be at risk.

You Need Major Tech Expertise

There are also those who believe they have to be tech-savvy experts to install any element of home automation, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, smart home features are designed specifically for simplicity and ease of use, especially among those who are not experts and simply want the ease and convenience of an automated system. The only skills you need are the ability to purchase the system and the ability to connect it to your home’s WiFi network – we’ll handle the rest, along with assistance from your system itself.

For more on debunking common home automation myths, or to learn about any of our smart home systems or features, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.