In parts one and two of this multi-part blog series, we’ve spent time going over many of the unfortunate myths that exist surrounding smart homes and home automation technology. This field is still relatively new to many people, but is growing incredibly quickly, and this has sadly led to a few pieces of misinformation that fly around from those who aren’t properly informed.

At AVI Systems, we’re here to help. Not only do we offer numerous areas of home automation in Salt Lake City, from whole home audio and lighting control to security and surveillance systems and much more, but we’re also here to provide expertise on smart home themes – including debunking myths that might be confusing you as you look to learn more about our industry. Here are a few of the others we tend to hear, including those that hit on unrealistic expectations from new smart home owners.

All or Nothing

For some reason, there are those who seem to believe that acquiring home automation elements in your home is an all-or-nothing process. Either you go all-in and install numerous different smart home features, with a significant combined cost, or you simply do nothing.

Simply put, nothing could be further from the truth in home automation. Take smart lighting, for instance – there’s no rule saying you have to upgrade every single light and fixture in your home, and in fact, we often recommend otherwise. Rather, start with a few new LED bulbs and perhaps an upgrade to one part of the home you use the most; the costs will be low here, and part of what makes home automation great is the ability to add on components later on. As long as you have an adequate smart home hub to connect your features, this will never be a problem.

Instant Integration

Now, for those just setting up their initial home automation themes, it’s important to keep expectations realistic in terms of integration. It’s possible your home’s features will utilize different devices or networks, and these may require some work to standardize. However, with a bit of time, our team will work with you to find the ideal smart home hub that will integrate these devices and allow them to all be controlled from the same central location – just beware that this might not be instantaneous.

Unrealistic Expectations

Speaking of unrealistic expectations, there are a few other areas where they may apply within smart home features. For instance, some who install a smart thermostat simply assume they’ll see savings in the 50% range on their HVAC costs – while a smart thermostat absolutely will bring you HVAC savings, the actual numbers tend to be closer to 10% in most cases. As long as you’re realistic with yourself and your home automation specialists, you’ll get fantastic results.

For more on debunking home automation myths, or to learn about any of our smart home services in Sale Lake City and other parts of Utah, speak to the staff at AVI Systems today.