Klipsch Home Theater Speakers

Klipsch home theater speakers are the component of choice for the world’s most discerning electronics consumers.

Klipsch and Klipsch Heritage components have always been a classically American tradition. Even today, when virtually every electronics manufacturer produces their products overseas, all Klipsch speakers are handmade in the United States. In fact, design and production continues to this day in the same town – Hope, Arkansas – where the company’s found built the first Klipsch speaker at the end of World War II.

The exceptional quality of these components makes them the ideal choice for your home audio or entertainment system. AVI Systems, based in Draper, Utah, is proud to be northern Utah’s preferred provider of these distinguished products.

Klipsch Speakers for Home Theater & Home Audio Systems

It’s not often that any electronics component can claim heirloom-quality status, but that’s what you get when you choose Klipsch for your home theatre system.

Every speaker the company designs and produces is based on four key design principles: high efficiency, low distortion, flat frequency response, and controlled directivity. Together, these principles deliver the best home audio experience available in the world today.

The company’s Klipschorn, La Scala, Cornwall, and Heresy series speakers are all designed to last a lifetime, and in fact, these components are commonly handed down from generation to generation.

Not a single Klipsch speaker is made until you order it. Imagine the pride in ownership, knowing that the company handmade your components specifically for your home theater system. Virtually no other electronics brand can provide that level of commitment and personalized care.

Klipsch Heritage Series Home Audio Speakers

Klipsch Heritage Classic Series speakers refer to those products for which the company’s founder, Paul W. Klipsch, played a key role in their design, development, and engineering.

Paul Klipsch designed and built the company’s original speakers himself in 1946. His sole focus at the time was creating a lifelike audio experience in his own home. Since that time, the company has pioneered the research and development of new audio technologies with an equal emphasis on science and art.

These components deliver an incomparable acoustic experience. The company designs and manufactures all Heritage Series products in the United States using high-quality, furniture grade wood.

Trust the Home Theater Experts at AVI Systems

At AVI Systems, we believe that every customer deserves the highest quality and workmanship in their home automation, security, and A/V systems. We have carefully curated our product offerings to reflect these values and we are proud to offer them to our Salt Lake City area customers.

Contact us today to request a personalized consultation for any of your northern Utah smart home automation, security, audio, and video needs. We look forward to showing you the amazing capabilities of Klipsch home theater speakers.