Outdoor Landscape Audio Speakers

Landscape audio speakers allow you to create an incredible sound experience in your outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor speakers come in a virtually endless variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations. You can design a system that hides your components from sight or places them out in the open, so you can appreciate their design aesthetics as well as their rich, vibrant sound.

AVI Systems serves customers in the Salt Lake City area and throughout northern Utah, designing and installing high-quality home theater, home audio, and home automation systems. If you’ve only considered an indoor home audio system, isn’t it time you give yourself the gift of exceptional sound outdoors as well?

Designing the Ideal Utah Landscape Audio System

You can pick up a pair of outdoor speakers at the discount warehouse but, when you want an exceptional quality landscape audio experience, that just won’t cut it.

AVI Systems designs and installs customized outdoor audio systems that mesh seamlessly with your space and reliably provide high-fidelity sound year after year. Our northern Utah climate extremes can take a toll on sensitive electronic components. For that reason, we offer only the highest quality all-weather landscape audio speakers for our customers.

You can choose outdoor speaker options including planter and rock speakers, bollard speakers, and even landscape lighting speakers. Or we can design your system to conceal your components in trees, behind shrubbery or in any other location that helps create the perfect outdoor audiophile experience.

Outdoor Audio Speaker Options

AVI Systems represents the world’s finest component manufacturers, many of whom now produce exceptional quality all-weather speakers.

The best brand of landscape audio speakers for you will depend on your goals and how you’d like your system configured. You have your choice of hardwired and wireless outdoor speakers. You can connect your landscape speakers to other system components traditionally or through Bluetooth technology.

If you want an outdoor audio experience that truly rivals your indoor system, consider adding Klipsch Professional Series Landscape speakers to your system. Klipsch home theater speakers are legendary their heirloom quality and high-fidelity performance. When you want the same level of quality, detail, and power in your exterior living spaces, these are the components for you.

Trust the Utah Outdoor Audio Experts at AVI Systems

AVI Systems takes great pride in the quality and value we provide our customers while keeping our prices as affordable as possible. We can scale your outdoor sound system to meet your needs as well as your budget.

We provide a personalized consultation that helps us understand your goals. Based on that information, we create a custom design that brings your vision to life. Whether you want a landscape sound system around the pool or on your deck – or you want high-quality sound throughout your outdoor space – we ensure that you get the outstanding results you deserve.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your outdoor sound system experience with landscape audio speakers.