A smart home security system, either stand-alone or as part of whole-home automation, protects your home and your family from harm, alerting you and the authorities to fires and break-ins.

Although you may choose to install home security for the safety and peace of mind it provides, you will also appreciate how much it can simplify and improve your quality of life. If you add electronic smart locks as a part of your home security, you’ll improve the protection and convenience of your system even more.

How Do Electronic Smart Locks Work?

Smart locks and electronic deadbolts install just like normal locks, but they connect to your security and automation system. You unlock the door either using your device or by entering a code. You can choose models with a keypad, touchscreen or blank, if you want to control the lock exclusively with your device.

Smart locks are made by the manufacturers you recognize and respect, such as Yale, Baldwin and Kwikset. They’re high-quality and attractive, offering you a choice of finishes that include satin nickel, polished chrome and oil-rubbed bronze.

More secure than traditional models, you’ll receive alerts if anyone attempts to force your electronic lock or makes multiple attempts to enter an incorrect code. And, because they have no keyhole, these locks cannot be picked.

How Electronic Locks Improve Home Security & Automation

Smart home systems let you automate virtually all of your household functions. Although you can pick and choose the functions you prefer to handle manually, you have the option of automating everything from your faucets to your garage door.

You can control your automated systems and functions from anywhere in the world on your devices – including your security system. But, unless you incorporate electronic locks as a part of your home automation and security, the one aspect you won’t be able to control is access.

Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock any door remotely. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Once you learn what else these technological marvels can do, you’ll understand how valuable they are as an integral part of your whole-home automation.

What Can Smart Locks Do for You?

You’ll never have to worry again about whether you remembered to lock a door or whether your kids have their housekeys in their backpack. You won’t have to sit home and wait for a repair tech or contractor to show up so you can let them in. You won’t have to worry about packages being left on the porch. You won’t have to check the doors before bed, to make sure the house is secure.

Having house guests for the week? You won’t have to worry about getting them a key. Instead, give them a temporary code that expires the day they leave.

Is your teen trying to sneak in past curfew? Issue them their own code and set up your device to alert you when they come and go. If you worry about your toddler going outside unattended, you can have your system alert you to any unexpected activity during set hours.

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