Installing a high-fidelity audio system is one of the best gifts a music lover can give themselves.

Whether you’d like to add a professional-quality hi-fi system at your Utah home or at your business, you have lots of options to consider and choices to make. Fortunately, these are fun choices and, when you have a local audio video professional to assist you, you’re limited only by your imagination.

Home High-Fidelity Audio Systems

To choose the right residential hi-fi system components, you must consider your goals for the system. Do you want the option of playing different music in various parts of the home? Do you want to incorporate hi-fi sound into a home theater system? Do you want audiophile-quality headphone outlets near all your favorite spots?

Whatever you envision, you can create a system that lets you express your passion for high-fidelity music in the privacy and comfort of your home..

Hi-Fi Systems for Business

Businesses of all types take advantage of hi-fi audio systems to enhance their customers’ experience. But, sometimes, business owners simply want to add a high-quality sound system to enhance the ambiance of their office.

Whatever your motivation may be, you can design a system that meets your needs and goals. Ambiance music for the lobby, headphone capability at your desk and professional video and conferencing setups are just the tip of the iceberg.

Simple and intuitive control solutions make operating your hi-fi audio system a breeze, for you or any member of your staff.

Choosing a Utah High-Fidelity Audio System Expert

When it comes to installing a professional-quality hi-fi system, you need the assistance of an A/V expert. You will be making a significant investment in your system components. Unless they’re installed by experienced professionals, you risk not getting the sound quality you envisioned. Worse, you run the risk of causing irreparable damage to the system’s sensitive electronic components.

Although you do have the option of choosing some wireless components, most hi-fi components rely on power and communication connections.

Powering a high-fidelity audio system requires advanced knowledge and cutting-edge technology. In fact, the simple act of plugging some components into a standard wall outlet can damage the electronics.

Utah’s AVI Systems represents the finest in hi-fi components and systems, including Focal, Hegel, Audio Quest, Sony Home Premium, Klipsch, Triad, Martin Logan, Monitor and Project Audio. Amps, turntables, receivers, speakers and even specialized cables are all available to create the system of your dreams.

We specialize in music servers and distributed music systems, so you can stream as well as listen to your own collection.

AVI Systems, located in Draper, assists residential and business customers throughout northern Utah. If you prefer, we can incorporate your audio system into an overall business or home automation system. Contact us today so we can start bringing your dream of a customized high-fidelity audio system to life in your home or office.